There are many ways to be involved with the elections process.

Our county depends on the involvement of its citizens to conduct fair and accurate elections.

We are now accepting applications for Internships 

Learn more about the the preperation process and what is involved to hold elections.

In North Carolina, each county is responsible for the conduct of the election. 

This will be an in-office internship working directly with Elections staff.

Host a Registration Drive

Voter registration drives give citizens the opportunity to register, update their information, or activate their voting status before the next election. 

Our office will provide you with the registration forms needed, an information packet providing Voter Registration Guidelines, and answer any questions you may have. We do ask that any requests of 25 or more registration forms be made in advance, allowing our staff time to fill the order prior to pick-up. 


We are available to answer questions you may have about what is allowed when holding a registration drive.


Keep in mind, there are deadlines to register or update information before each election. Contact our office or view the Register and Voting pages to find the current election dates and deadlines.

Join the MAT

A Multipartisan Assistance Team, or “MAT,” is a group that has been appointed by the local County Board of Elections to provide assistance with mail-in absentee voting to voters living at facilities such as nursing homes. 

At the request of the voter, the MAT members will travel to the facility assisting the voter with:

  • registering to vote 

  • requesting a ballot

  • or completing the ballot 


The team members assisting the voter are of both parties to ensure that the voter receives impartial, professional assistance. Their job is to help them vote, but their voting choices will remain confidential.

Become a Precinct Official

Precinct officials play a vital role in the Elections process. Serving as a precinct official requires an impartial, calm approach to handling highly-stressful situations. They ensure the conduct at each voting site, or precinct, is in accordance with current election laws. 


  • Registered voter in Stanly County

  • Completed a Precinct Official Application

  • Cannot be a candidate in the Election

  • Cannot be serving as an Elected Official​

Each position has additional requirements based on the work that will be preformed. Review our ​​POSITIONS AND WAGES fact sheet for a complete list of requirements.

In 2003, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a law allowing high school students to work in the polls on election day. Student Election Assistants carry some of the same responsibilities as election officials, and are compensated in the same way.


  • U.S. citizen who will be at least 17 years old by election day

  • resides in Stanly County

  •  in good academic standing with the school where they are enrolled (including public, private and home schools) 

  • have permission from a parent (or guardian/legal custodian) and school principal/director​

Student Assistants

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