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The Board of Elections is a bi-partisan, quasi-judicial board that has five members; each serving a two year term.  Four members are appointed by the State Board of Elections after recommendation by their party, and the Governor appoints the Chairperson.  The Secretary is chosen amongst members at the board's organizational meeting.  


Kimberly Blackwelder - Director

Tabitha Collingwood - Assistant Director

Andrea Clark - Elections Specialist

Kimberly Walter - Elections Specialist

Patsy Hurst - Elections Specialist

What We Do

The Board of Elections is responsible for conducting Federal, State, County and Municipal elections, as well as constitutional amendments, bonds, and other special referenda.  This entails numerous tasks such as filing and serving candidates, providing committees with campaign finance regulations, establishing precincts and polling places, appointing and training precinct officials, maintenance of the voter registration system, and providing the public with all required notices and information.  All procedures of this office are subject to and adhere to the NC General Statutes Chapter 163, the North Carolina Administrative Code, and federal regulations. 


“To promote consistent administration and equal application of all elections and campaign finance laws; to conduct honest, impartial, free, accurate, accessible, and efficient elections.”

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