Voting booths

Voter Registration

Customers with NCDMV can now register to vote online or make updates to their information.


  • You must be 18 years of age or be 18 years of age by the General Election of the current year. Future voters may also preregister at the age of 16.

  • You must be a United States Citizen.

  • You must have resided in the precinct or other election district in Stanly County, North Carolina for thirty days prior to the upcoming election.

  • You must have your rights of citizenship.  If you have been convicted of a felony you have lost these rights.  You must complete your probation in order to have them restored and be eligible to register.


The following information must be provided on the voter registration application:

  • Citizenship Verification

  • Full name

  • Physical address (where you live, ex: 123 Main Street)

  • Mailing address

  • Date of birth

  • Signature of applicant (A voter's Power of Attorney CANNOT sign the voters application)


The deadline to register is 25 days before Election Day. Applications may be submitted by mail, fax, email,  or in person (for military and overseas voter exceptions, see Military/Overseas). Applications submitted by mail must be postmarked by the deadline. The original application of any faxed or emailed registration form must be received at the Board of Elections office 20 days before the election. Applicants will receive a Voter Registration Card stating their precinct, polling place assignment, and jurisdictions.

North Carolina provides permanent voter registration. However, voters may be removed from the voter registration records for the following reasons: a felony conviction, moving from the county, death, by request from the voter, or if the voter has not voted in any election within eight consecutive years and has had no contact with the Board of Elections during that time.


You may register to vote or change your voter registration at the following locations:

  • Stanly County Board of Elections Office, 1000 N First Street, Suite 16, Albemarle 28001

  • Stanly County High Schools

  • Employment Security Commission

  • Stanly County Libraries

  • Department of Social Services

  • Military Recruitment Offices

  • Health Department (WIC office)

  • NCDMV online or in-person


Voter registration drives give citizens the opportunity to register, update their information, or activate their voting status before the next election. 

Our office will provide you with the registration forms, an information packet providing Voter Registration Guidelines, and answer any questions you may have. We do ask that any requests of 25 or more registration forms be made in advance, allowing our staff time to fill the order prior to pick-up. 


We are available to answer questions you may have about what is allowed when holding a registration drive.


Keep in mind, there are deadlines to register or update information before each election. Contact our office or view the Voting page to find the current election dates and deadlines.